Tips and Tricks For a Smooth Winter Season

As senior Property Manager, I learned a lot about winter damage and how to prevent it. Ahead of the upcoming season, I'm sharing some ideas on how to prevent any cold weather issues that may come up. 

  • Keep your pipes warm. Open your cabinets on nights when the outside temperature dips below 32 degrees. If you're worried about pipes in an unheated basement, wrap them in insulation.
  • Clean your gutters. Make sure there aren't any dead leaves or other buildups that might cause water to back up and freeze. 
  • Use weatherstripping or caulk to seal drafty windows and doors. 
  • In the event of a snowstorm, check your roof. Flat roofs are especially prone to collapse if the snowfall is too heavy.
  • Consider a generator if you don't already have one. When the power goes out, there's no telling when it will come back on. Be prepared to be without power for at least 24 hours.